Hatchery Vilcunco team of Argentina acquires Aqua Aquascan Fishcounters to Norchi

28/01/2015 17:33

The supplier of services and equipment for aquaculture Norchi Aqua, Puerto Varas, started 2015 with a view to seeking new markets. Therefore, management and after sales executive Christian Vargas (cvargas@norchi.cl) was able to close an important business, an accountant equipment fish to a company outside of Chile. In the case of Vilcunco Hatchery, the Bucalemu Holding SA, of the Province of Neuquen, who acquired a counting system Aquascan.

Vilcunco Hatchery is the rainbow trout hatchery most important area of ​​Argentina. The production focuses on the sale of eggs, fry, butterflied trout, and smoked whole Meanwhile Tore Johnsen (tjohnsen@norchi.cl) Aqua Norchi general manager said that "the sale opens up new possibilities to explore the neighboring market. These companies need to invest in technologies that optimize the process making it more effective, leading to minimize production time making them more competitive companies".