Equipment for Eggs and Fry

  Aquaflow        Aquarack

Incubation Substrates          

Vertical incubator Eggs      

Count palettes Eggs         







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Fish Counter 

CSE Series                               CSF Series                    
CSW Series      Unidad de Control          
Aquascan Fishcounter Sistem   



Fish Grader

Apollo Fish Grader   Milanese Fish Grader
Grader Trout and Salmon      
Models de 4,5,7 y 10 Tracks
Grader Trout and Salmon            

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Pumping Equipment Systems

Euskan                                      Stranda                                                       
Vaacum Systems                Pumps VS        

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Recirculation Systems for Salmon

Interaqua Advance Systems
We are Official Representative for Chile

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Aquaculture Nets

  Nets in used in Norway
High Capacity Nets                                     

Sistemas de Aireación y Oxigenación

 - Oxygenation - Aeration - Circulation - degassing - Other.